Our Commitments & services

A few things we’re great at

As a responsible organisation, we are committed to and striving to contribute in a grand way to the community.


We organise fund raising activities in an innovative and ethical way to engage the mass.


We contribute to the ACT multicultural landscape and adding colours to the diverse spectrum.


We participate & promote health awareness and our social responsibilities, including blood donations.


We organise and participate in multifaith dialogues and discussion to encourage acceptability and tolerance.

you are invited

What makes us unique

Anybody who respects/practices and has faith in the Hinduism based on principles of Sanatana Dharma from any country are welcome to join Canberra Hindu Mandir.

Spiritual Centre

We aim to meet the spiritual, ritual and ceremonial needs of steadily growing Hindu population in the Gungahlin district, North Canberra and interstate & overseas visitors.

Religious Centre

There are many manifestations and most importantly the belief of trinity of Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Hinduism believes in one and only one supreme God.

Centre of Learning

We will provide comprehensive state-of-the-art educational services include Indian languages, ancient scriptures, fine arts and cultural activities.

Vedic Centre

In addition to conducting deity worships and religious classes, it will encourage learning of arts, such as music, traditional dances, yoga, meditation and ethnic languages.

We would love to hear from you!

Please donate generously to support our fund-raising initiatives and speedy Mandir construction.